Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend a maximum of 25 in-room participants. This capacity is the default because low power devices, such as mobile phones and standalone VR headsets, may begin experiencing performance issues in busier rooms. Once a room is full, all additional users (participant #26 and beyond) can still participate by watching from the lobby. Users in the lobby can see what's happening in the room and interact via text chat; however, they are not represented as avatars in the room and their mic is not active.
VRooms stay open forever unless you choose the 'close room' option from the drop down menu. Unless a room has been 'closed' you will always be able to use the URL to revisit your room. If you plan to revisit a room, you might choose to add it to your favorites for easy access.
VRooms have the ability to play videos in the room, which allows you to watch with friends or live stream content from an existing stream. For videos, Utopia supports standard video formats. Live stream content is supported in the HLS format. You can embed videos from popular video hosting websites like YouTube and Twitch, but due to high load these may sometimes be unreliable.
VRooms are great for giving presentations. Supported media types are pdf files, images, 3D models, audio, video, webcam input, and screen sharing. To use a powerpoint in VRooms, you can convert it to a .pdf file and import it directly into VRooms, or you can use screen sharing to stream a view of your presentation into VRooms.
Because it runs in the browser, VRooms are very cross-platform compatible. It works on mobile, desktop, and VR devices, and runs on most modern browsers. For a VR experience, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, Pico Neo 2, Oculus Quest and Oculus Go,  Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard.
The pen in VRooms doubles as a laser pointer tool. When the pen is emitting a laser, you will see a line going from your avatar in the direction you are pointing.
You can type /fly in the text chat box, or press G on desktop, or press down on the joystick in Quest.