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I have had an avid interest in virtual reality since the early 90’s, when the first demo’s were seen on TV shows like “Beyond 2000″, and magazine articles started to show us what was possible. I remember seeing people play “Dactyl Nightmare” and becoming immersed in primitive 16 bit worlds and waited for the day when I would be able to experience this myself.

As I grew older, I started to read the dystopian science fiction of the cyberpunk writers such as William Gibson and the true possibilities of what VR could deliver to our lives became even more apparent. Here was a medium which would open up experiences that were not possible reality. We could explore the digital world in a new way and gain a fresh perspective. We could immerse ourselves in parts of the real world that we may never get to experience due to location, time or elements of danger.

With the announcement of the Oculus and the release of new VR devices from the early cardboard through to the Vive I have followed and participated in this growing industry, developing workflows and projects with Unity, Unreal engine and WebVR technologies such as WebGL and Aframe.

UtopiaVR is a company setup with two aims. The first is to provide VR consultancy and development services from our base here in Melbourne, Australia. VR and AR are the hot new technologies, and we have the know how and business cases on hand to scope and deliver projects for Advertising and Marketing, Education, Healthcare, Travel and other business applications. We are here to evangelise the potential of VR to Australian businesses in particular and help them to find where VR can add to the experience of their staff, customers and the public at large.

The second aim of Utopia VR is the development of ground breaking technology in the field of WebVR, with the aim to bring our flagship product to market during 2016. We will have further announcements on this through Winter 2016 as the launch day becomes closer.


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